Damp Proofing Specialists

At Cheshire Damp we are specialists in the area of Damp Proofing and timber preservation we have been providing this service throughout the whole of Wirral, Cheshire and Liverpool for many years. Grand Designs Construction have a wealth of experience in providing quality affordable solutions to this often unsightly problem, our services include:
  • Timber preservation
  • Damp and Dry Rot Control
  • Damp Proof Courses
  • Wet and Dry Rot
  • Re-Plastering
  • Rising Damp
Cheshire Damp are highly experienced Damp Proofing and Timber Preservation specialists in Wirral, Cheshire and Liverpool. We will attend your property carry out a full detailed survey identify the root cause and particular type of damp, then clearly outline the particular course of remedial action necessary in words you can understand without all the builders jargon. We pride ourselves on our friendly extra mile attitude to each and every Damp Proofing client in Wirral, Cheshire and Liverpool, coming from the Wirral ourselves it’s nice to give a little back and pride in professionalism is what we’re all about at Cheshire Damp. Damp can manifest itself in a number of ways as Damp Proofing specialists we are able to diagnose correctly whether or not Damp is present in the building, which particular type of Damp it is, the faults causing the Damp and advise as to the best course of remedial action, listed below are a few helpful hints that may help to identify your particular problem.

How to spot Rising Damp

Rising Damp is a term used to describe the rising of moisture from the ground, it is usually found in buildings where there is no damp course in place, or the Damp Course has become ineffective, this can occur for a number of reasons. The Damp Course may have deteriorated this happens over a certain period of time, or it may have been bridged as a result of the external ground level being raised. Rising Damp can also occur through the build-up of debris in the wall cavity allowing the moisture in the ground to rise above the Damp Course. Rising Damp usually manifests itself as dirty stains that start to appear on the wall these normally start from the bottom of the wall and rise to rough height of one metre. The stain is caused by chloride and nitrate deposits, these deposits are also known as hygroscopic salts, these salt deposits are left behind when the moisture begins to evaporate. Hygroscopic salts draw in moisture and will therefore remain Damp until they are completely removed i.e. the effected wall has been treated and re-plastered.

How to Spot Penetrating Damp

Penetrating Damp is caused usually as a result of poor property maintenance for example defective and blocked guttering, defective plumbing causing overflows as well as environmental factors such as wind driven rain. Such Damp can penetrate the structure of the building and can be the cause of internal adjacent timbers becoming Damp and as a result degrading through Dry Rot and Wet Rot infestations.

How to spot Condensation Damp

Condensation is caused where there is a lack of air-flow and ventilation in a property. Walls can become Damp causing damage to the plaster and black mould and a musty smell is likely to be present. Cheshire Damp solution to this problem is to install adequate ventilation eradicating the problem once and for all.

Leaving Damp problems untreated

If left untreated, dampness can and will spread throughout a property, becoming progressively worse in the form of timber decay, damage to brickwork and plaster and increasing the risk of Dry Rot and insect infestations. Our experienced and professional surveyors are specialists in their field. They will always give accurate, impartial advice and will only ever specify a particular course of remedial action if they believe it is absolutely necessary to rectify the problem. If your property is showing signs of damp do not delay, contact Cheshire Damp we will talk through the problem with you and arrange a free survey at your convenience. If you do not see your particular Damp Proofing requirements listed here give us a call our team will be happy to help you. Call Cheshire Damp today for your FREE survey on 0151 676 2898 or 07722 68 44 22